Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Karate Girl Makes Us Proud

Emma has taken up Karate.

This activity was not initiated by me, but rather by Dave. He thought that since Emma has this amazing amount of energy (cough, cough), that this would be a good way for her to channel it in a more positive way. So, far, it seems to be working. At least while she is in the dojo.

Last Friday, she had a graduation from her white belt to a white and yellow belt. I was so glad that Sebastian was back, and we took both him and Cole with us, and made a huge deal about it. Emma was pretty excited. She could barely sit still in the car. When we got there, she took off her shoes and sat down in front of the class, like the rest of the kids. We sat in the seats. Last year, I don't think she could have done this. Sat by herself, I mean.

When it was her turn, her Sensei called the class to attention and she yelled "Yes Sensei!" There was a little smile on her face, but she was attentive. Cole was at attention, too. He seemed pretty impressed.

They showed us an entire class, and also encouraged the parents to sit right up on the mats with them and to take pictures. I was worried that Emma wouldn't want to do what she was supposed to while we were oogling over her, but she did it all. She stretched, she kicked, she punched, and she sat like a champion the whole time.

I could see the sense of accomplishment on her face, and her excitement when her name was called and she received her new belt. She had to run in front of everyone and accept it and bow. I had tears in my eyes. I looked at Sebastian. I looked at Dave. Our girl is really growing up. We couldn't have been prouder.


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