Sunday, October 3, 2010

To Be Only Who You Are

A couple of weeks ago, continuing on my quest of Super Momdom, I decided to do something positive for myself to gear up for a busy fall of Momhood and this Fall Tour that I am starting.   I treated myself to a weekend-long meditation.  I left the kids in the capable hands of their Dads, and headed into my journey.  I'll admit, I was nervous.  Having some time to myself is a luxury, but also having too much time to think can be a bit scary.  I found myself immersed in thoughts of self doubt and frustration, only to release and discover that my life was going just the way it was supposed to go, and all was well.  I mean, who is in charge of my life anyway? Me.  And in all of my efforts to be the ultimate Super Mom, the best way for me to raise my kids in a positive way AND to have a successful marriage and career is to be only who I am. Only who I am.  
It is not easy for me.  It takes a lot of work and a lot of patience with myself to be able to be this open about life, but it is really the only way.  And I believe.
I recently saw the interview between Oprah and J.K. Rowling (the creator and author of The Harry Potter Series) and I must say that I was riveted.  Joe (J.K) was so articulate and honest about her journey and it was really great for me to hear her story.  She struggled first with depression as a single Mom and then struggled with many obstacles to get her first Harry Potter book published with the right people (the ones who believed as she did that her story could change the world).  And it worked.  She believed.  Her persistence and commitment to be herself was so strong that she sold over 400 million books in 200 countries around the world.  At the end of her interview, Oprah asked her "what does she know for sure?"  Joe thought about it and said she knows that "love is THE most powerful thing of all." And then Oprah asked her "what was her dream of happiness?"  She said according to the first Harry Potter, Dumbledore says "The happiest man alive would look in the mirror and see himself exactly as he is." And then she said "So I would have to say that I'm pretty close."