Saturday, August 6, 2011

Girls Weekend – Summer ‘11 - Day 2

On Friday, Leslie’s sister in law surprised her and came for the weekend bright and early at 8am.  Leslie was definitely surprised and very happy to see Christina.  After we all had a cup of coffee, we tried to figure out what to do for the day.   

As per Jones’ suggestion, we decided to go to this cool place called "Gateway," where we could all ride go karts and play some games.  I knew Emma would love the games (she is a sucker for winning prizes), and I really thought she would love the go karts.   
I was wrong on the go karts.   
Fortunately, they were big, with two seats each so that the kids could each ride with a grown-up.

Leslie and Jones on their go kart
Me and Emma on our go karts - all smiles at firs
I was pretty excited, and I think Emma was at first, too, as she started off with a smile.  The seats were super hot, so that was strike one.  And they were loud.  Strike two.  We had the entire track to ourselves, so as soon as we hit the pavement, I put the pedal to the metal and took off!  

Emma looked completely horrified.  I tried to calm her down by pointing out the beautiful mountains in the distance as we tore around the first corner.  Strike three was when all of these “things” kept flying into the cart.  I saw that they were little grasshoppers, and told her so thinking she would think that they were cute.  
 “I want to get out! I want to get out!”   
So, after only one lap, we pulled into the drop off area.  I asked her if I could still keep going and she said, “Ok,” so I went around a couple more times, waving to her each time around.  She seemed relieved to be away from the grasshoppers and gave me a sort of half wave.

When we went inside to play the games, it was a different story.  Emma couldn’t get enough.  Leslie bought some tokens for the three of them to share, and Emma went to town.  We found a few games that gave out a lot of tickets and it looked like Emma was in the lead...until we heard these bells ringing and cries of joy at a nearby game.  Lola had hit the jackpot and ended up winning 1000 tickets.  Emma was in disbelief.  The tickets kept streaming out.  They wouldn’t stop.  Soon our measley 110 tickets seemed like a drop in the bucket.  After a little back and forth, Lola unselfishly decided to pool all of the tickets together and divide them three ways so that everyone could get more stuff.  Emma was again relieved, and the smiles returned.  In the bathroom, I asked Emma if she would have done the same thing, and she didn’t answer me.  They all three picked out pretty similar toys and candy and we decided that it was time to get some lunch.  
Hazed and Infused - Boulder Beer

We drove into Boulder and ended up eating at California Pizza Kitchen where I had my first Colorado beer – Hazed and infused.  Yum.  Lunch was a total success as the kids devoured their mac-n-cheese and Leslie and I enjoyed our salad and afternoon treat.  We then optimistically decided that would just pop into Nordstrom Rack, or “The Rack” and see if we could get something to wear out that night.  We seemed to forget that we had the three kids in tow.  We walked in saying very clearly that it was not a buying day for the kids, but for the Mom’s.  What? After losing a small battle in the dressing room, I ended up buying Emma a party dress, Leslie got Lola some jeggings and Jones a new T-shirt, and both she and I ended up with some boring cotton underwear. 
Ah well… At least the beer was pretty great.


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